Keypointe Church

Keypointe Church is a non-denominational church in Madison, MS with the vision of developing people to live out their faith in their home community and yet have a solid impact through missions in hard to reach nations.

About Us

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Our Story

After Pastor Jeff traveled throughout the nations and the U.S. with Reaching Forth Int’l Ministries ten years, God led him to plant Keypointe Church. This church would be both relational, focused and a joyful. Kids would grow up with the kind of gospel message preached by the Apostle Paul. It would always move people toward a relational and missional approach to life. It wouldn’t stress salvation without discipleship.  In other words, it would develop people into a New Testament perspective of love, grace, faith, living by the power of the Spirit, studying God’s Word as the basis for life and taking the gospel to nations closed to the gospel of Jesus.

Here people experience changed lives. Growing up in faith is an immensely enjoyable journey not a set of religious rules.

Our Strategy

Knowing what’s in our DNA reveals our purpose. Creating a relationship atmosphere of acceptance and love for one another, growing into strong faith for God’s kingdom work and taking the gospel into closed and hard to reach nations helps us to know our purpose.

Helping each person discover and live out God’s plan for his or her life describes what we’re about.