Keypointe Church

Keypointe Church is a non-denominational church in Madison, MS with the vision of developing people to live out their faith in their home community and yet have a solid impact through missions in hard to reach nations.

Meet the Team

JEFF RUTLAND, Missions Pastor

Jeff started Keypointe Church in 2002 and served as the Senior Pastor through 2017.   Currently, Jeff serves as the Missions Pastor at Keypointe. He and his wife Rita have two children, Zachary and Reagan.  They have served in ministry for more than twenty years. Before starting the church Jeff lead mission projects to various closed and hard to reach nations.  Jeff is excited about reaching the nations for Christ. 




Doug Schroeder serves as one of the Worship Pastors at Keypointe. Doug has been in worship ministry for more than fifteen years. He has served as Keypointe's Worship Pastor for seven years. Doug's desire is for everyone, whether they’re believers or not, to experience God’s loving presence each time the church gathers.

Tiffanie Maisel, Worship Pastor

Tiffanie serves as one of the Worship Pastors at Keypointe. Tiffanie has a heart to see people grow in God. One thing Tiffanie desires is to see people come together in worship and encounter the presence of God because in His presence, even those unfamiliar with worship find peace and strength. 



Nick and Tiffanie serve as Elders at Keypointe. They have three children and two grandchildren, all of whom love the Lord. Nick has a passion to see people set free and find their identity in Christ. We know that every person experiences rough patches, setbacks, and even illnesses. Nick and Tiffanie are here to help people through those challenges of life.

ronnie Rutland, Pastoral Care

Ronnie and his wife Joan have been a part of Keypointe Church since the it launched in 2002.  As an Elder and leader, Ronnie loves seeing people worship God and hunger for His presence in their lives.  Ronnie genuinely loves people has a unique way of drawing them in.  He has lead several Small Groups over the years.  Ronnie and Joan serve in a variety ways in the Keypointe family.